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Tutu Dress Care Guide

Tutu Care Guide

Your tutu is handmade using a beautiful sheer fabric called tulle. Please read our instructions on how to care for your tutu.

Receiving your Tutu Dress

When you put on your tutu, you will need to tease the tulle gently with your fingers to get the desired shape from your skirt, be careful not to pull off any embellishments that may be sewn on. The shoulder straps on the dress can be adjusted by undoing bow at the back and adjusting to required length and then redoing the bow.

Receiving your Tutu Skirt

Your skirt will have a ribbon running through the waist band that you can use to adjust the waist. To adjust the waist, undo the bow at the back and tighten/loosen to required size and then redo the bow.

Washing your Tutu

Spot clean your tutu where possible, gently dabbing the fabric in the dirty area, be careful not rub the material. DO NOT rub any canvas printed patches. If your patch becomes dirty, merge into cool water and then allow to dry naturally, this should eliminate any marks. If your whole tutu is dirty and you need to wash your tutu, HAND WASH only in cool water, using a small amount of washing powder. After washing gently squeeze out any excess water and hang the tutu up, to drip dry. If the ends of the skirt become frayed, with a sharp pair of scissors, carefully snip the ends off the tulle.

Storing your Tutu

It is best to store you Tutu hanging up and not in a squashed area. To remove any wrinkles after storage, lightly spritz your tutu with water and gently fluff up the fabric with your fingers.

About your Tutu

The tulle and crotched tops we use are of the highest quality and conform to the BS EN71-2:20011for Flammability and BS EN71-2:20013 for Migration or certain elements. DO NOT wear your Tutu near a naked flame or open fire.